Lan Nguyen Grealis – The Body Shop

This week I had the privileged of meeting the tremendous make up artist Lan Nguyen Grealis at The Body Shop.

‘Lan is the youngest Golden Mask Award Winner 2013 for Make-up Art and the Professional National Make up Awards winner for best studio shoot and overall winner…Lan is currently beauty editor of Phoenix magazine published by LFW.’

As she talked us through creating a look with The Bodyshop make up range I was keen to try out the techniques that she demonstrated and the products that she used. One of the things she highlighted was the importance of the way in which we apply our foundation, a big must was that skin must still look like skin!

This can be achieved with the layering of different products rather than just putting one product (foundation) all over the face. Products used on the skin were primer in order to protect the skin and to grab the make up, highlighter, BB cream, foundation mixed with moisturiser (she said always mix your products), concealer and a little powder in some areas. She did discuss however, her dislike of using powder on the skin as it can highlight the hairs on the face especially under lighting and it does not give the skin that naturally beautiful look.

When it comes to blusher she recommended applying this to the sides of the cheek bone rather than on the apples of the cheeks as this really brings out the cheek bones rather than just having colour standing out on the cheeks. 
One thing that I noticed was the creative way in which Lan used her makeup, she wasn’t afraid to experiment and deviate from the expected ways in which products are used. Go ahead, use lipstick on the cheeks, use highlighter on the lips after all there are no rules when it comes to makeup! You can create some great looks this way.

Lan also started talking about what it is like working as a make up artist and shared some amusing stories about how busy it can get when everyone is rushing backstage. It was very interesting to hear what she had to say especially coming from such an experienced make up artist.

View some of Lan’s wonderful work on her website:


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