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In todays post I would like to introduce you to Keji Ewuosho, owner and creative director of Keji Victoria. I recently had the opportunity to interview Keji and I got to hear all about her designs. What’s so unique about KV is that the emphasis on creativity puts the customers in the driving seat of their wardrobe. What is really great about KV is that customers are able to choose the style and the print of each item. KV Designs are not mass-produced, hard work and TLC goes into designing each clothing item, rather than making all the designs the same. No KV individual is the same!

In the words of Keji herself:

‘The Keji Victoria (KV) individual is bold and creative, unafraid to embrace colour and style in the everyday wardrobe. The brand is all about timeless yet trendy pieces. It provides a classy spin on clothing to create the perfect blend between glam and everyday wear.’

Keji informed me that she owes most of her inspiration to her Nigerian roots and British upbringing. KV designs take on a Western approach to traditional African prints and patterns. The designs are for individuals who love staple wardrobe pieces and aren’t afraid of bold statements. So I wanted to find out where it all began?

‘Creatively, this journey started around the age of 11. I always had a sketchbook that I would take almost everywhere I go, and sketch clothing designs. I always had a love not just for style, but for creating. I would pick inspiration from trends, art, etc, and just reproduce on paper. From the age of 17, I began working with seamstresses to bring some of my designs to life; and since then it’s been a journey of developing my artistry and discovering more ways to be inspired.’

In just a few years there have been several milestones for KV, which Keji said will always be special.

‘One of the earliest achievement was being featured in Westminster University’s Student Entrepreneur website. I was approached for an interview and showcase at the university after showcasing some of my designs at Kingston university, where I studied. It is a great feeling to know your work is being discovered and appreciated by others.’

There are 3 tiers of services at KV: tailored; order by fabric and; ready-made. ‘Order by fabric’ was uniquely formed by the brand. Consumers can order an existing KV design and have the option to select new fabrics that will accompany the desired design.

‘KV prides itself in selecting the most authentic African-inspired print/fabric, and fusing them with other fabrics to create trendy pieces. KV works closely with Da Viva fabrics because they are 100% cotton and have easy-to-follow care instruction labels; so our pieces are beautiful to behold, comfortable on the skin, and easy to take care of.’ 

I wanted to know what inspired the collections and the designs?

‘Every piece has a dose of practicality, timelessness and creativity. They are classy and creative! I was once a Fine Art student, so I’ve loved being creative and inspired by pretty much anything and everything. Fashion is bringing art to life. Whatever I feel is artistic and creative, I feel like, hey, I want to bring this to life!’

So what is in store for Keji Victoria?

‘So much! The most exciting thing is knowing that this is just the beginning, we want to be able to reach every single person looking for trendy yet timeless pieces. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out more!’

Speaking of goals and aspirations, I asked Keji who she would love to design for?

‘I would love to design bespoke pieces for the likes of Kelly Rowland, Solange, June Ambrose, Rosario Dawson, Viola Davies, Erica Campbell and Kerry Washington! KV strives to provide elegant and sophisticated products that are accessible on as many platforms as possible.’

KV provides additional comprehensive services such as style advice; colour session; fabric selection; wedding/formal style planning; personal/assistant shopper; and more.

So how do we find out more!?

‘For any queries or questions, please send an email to and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. We also ship worldwide! Please use our order form on the website and let us know what you would like to order!



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