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6 Ways to Stay Positive

Being positive isn’t something that we all find easy, and sometimes we need a little help and inspiration. So here are a few things that we can do to try and remain positive:

Look ahead

Sometime’s it helps to put things into perspective. When we are going through hard times, it can feel like things will never change, but life is always changing. It helps to remember that whatever you are feeling now is only for a moment, and not forever. If you are feeling low, it is important to remember that you will smile again. When we look ahead and make plans for the future, it helps us to regain hope and purpose. Never loose sight of hope, because when you loose sight of hope, you begin to feel hopeless.

Talk to yourself

It might sound strange, but sometimes it helps. Be your own best friend and encourage yourself. You need to have a good relationship with yourself. Love yourself and treat yourself kindly, don’t put yourself down. This is also a great technique if you feel that you do not have anybody to talk to because you totally understand what you’re going through.

Speak to others

This can help you feel supported. If you have someone in your life that you feel you can talk to, who is open and accepting, it is a good idea to get things off your chest. You can’t always carry everything on your own, true friendships are hard to come by, but they are beautiful. Let others offer an extra bit of support and encouragement. If you are concerned for your mental health, always seek help.

Acknowledge your feelings

It is important to accept and understand your feelings, which in turn will help you to deal with them and understand yourself better. Keeping your feelings pushed down can hinder healing and in turn make things worse. Acknowledging your feelings allows you to be in a position to look ahead and work out how to move forward. It is the first step to making things better. It is okay to have emotions, it is natural and we all need support, never feel ashamed to admit when you need some help, it is actually the stronger thing to do, not the weaker.


People say laughter is the best medicine. Laughter is great for our health and it spreads such joy. Stress actually has physical effects on your body, so I am in no doubt that joy and laughter have positive benefits. Laughter triggers endorphins, protects the heart and even boosts the immune system! Of course there will be times when you will not feel like laughing, but encourage it into your life. If you are lucky enough to have friends that you can share a laugh with, arrange to see them. For more information about the health benefits of laughter, click >here<.


Don’t get lost wishing for the past, but instead refer to accomplishments. Think about how far you have come and the things you have overcome. This will help you to see the strength that is inside you. The ability and strength that was in you then, you still have in you now. Instead of comparing your progress to somebody else’s, look at your own progress, acknowledge your accomplishments and give yourself a pat on the back.

Do you have any other tips? What do you find helps when you are feeling negative? I’d love to hear more ideas! x


Much love beauties,


Sainte-Chapelle, Paris

I am excited to share with you the third post from my Paris series! Paris has so much to see and capture!

Before I went to Paris I read online about Sainte-Chapelle, and I decided that I had to go and see it! I appreciate beauty and art in every form and this was something that I really wanted to see.

The chapel has 15 long stained glass windows, each 15 meters high that go all the way around and fill the room with colour. Before you get to the upper chapel with the stained glass windows, you have to climb the small spiralling stone staircase. Upon reaching the upper chapel I was mesmerised by the beautiful colours created with the light shining through the windows! It was such a pretty sight and definitely photograph worthy. I took my time in there, I didn’t really want to leave but I had to at some point!

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Summer style


It’s gonna be alright

Today I am feeling positive and hopeful for the future, which makes today the perfect day to write a blog post! Something to look back on in negative moments.

Having just moved to a new city, not everything has gone the way I wanted it to go, however I am learning to appreciate the way things are. We are making the most out of our situation, because we know that we are making progress (even if slower than hoped) and we are on our way. Sometimes I forget to live in the moment and enjoy the here and now. When we look back at memories, sometimes we appreciate them more than we actually did at the time, because in our everyday moments, we take for granted the fact that things will not always be this way. So today I have decided to embrace everything about this day.

To feel hopeful for the future, instead of just worrying is such a freeing feeling and one not always easy for any of us to obtain. When we focus on our own lives, rather than aspiring to live other peoples, when we turn off the constant comparisons (which are in no way good for our mental health or happiness), we can start to fully appreciate our own. No one else will ever have your life, so take the time to enjoy it and all of it’s wonders.

Enjoy sitting on your sofa in your pajamas watching films (if that’s what you like to do, because I sure do!), enjoy the people you have around you, enjoy the quiet times alone, enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy to do, just make the most of each moment because each moment is so precious and not guaranteed.  I have been learning many new lessons recently and I know that I will continue to do so, because I am a work in progress. It is encouraging for me to know that I will never stop learning and growing, even if it means learning the same thing over and over again until I finally get it. There is no deadline for perfection, as it is unattainable. Don’t worry if it takes you longer than somebody else to achieve a goal, just focus on how you will achieve your goals, not how somebody else achieved theirs.

Much love,



I am super excited to announce the new collection by Keji Victoria: #madewithlovebykv. I originally spoke with Keji >here< and we spoke about her very first collection for KV Designs. I have been keen to follow Keji on her journey and find out what’s new with the collection for 2016. I had the opportunity to catch up with Keji to find out all about it!

The #madewithlovebykv collection is all about exploring creative directions in fashion. From exotic, to playful, to classic pieces, Keji expressed:

I was eager to explore creative freedom and focus on aspects that I love as a designer.” The collection is set to cut across cultures, generations and trends, Keji explained: “Everyone can find something they love. I want it to be fashion that’s inclusive.

I think this is brilliant, how wonderful to want to include all people. Not only is this collection stylish and bold, but also ethical! Which is such an impressive aspect of KV Designs.

Personally, I’m passionate about supporting businesses in my community. I regularly visit my hometown Kano, Nigeria, and I’m constantly exposed to and inspired by beautiful fabrics and textiles I find in the local markets. It’s important to help the economic state of small businesses in the fashion industry, so KV Designs are committed to sourcing fabrics from such businesses.”

Again, I think this is wonderful, and speaks volumes about the good values of KV Designs.

To make things easier for us, there is a new feature in the latest collection, the real model size guide. This provides details of the actual size of the model photographed so that we can determine the right size by matching the fit of the model’s figure to our own. There is also a general size guide provided, so that we can specify our body measurements when ordering a customised piece, because remember each item is hand made, which makes it feel so special!

As you can see there are many beautiful pieces in the collection, one of my favourites being the Amina red jacket pictured above. I wanted to find out what Keji’s personal favourite item was:

This is a hard question! It would be hard for me to pick one because I really do love each and every piece. But if you were to ask which piece I would wear right now, it would be the Khadijat wrap dress. I do love dressses and the beautiful thing is that it can be converted into a long waistcoat, so it can be dressed down with jeans also.

?Being a part of the whole making of the collection; from sketching to sampling, means that every piece has my customer in mind. What makes the KV person comfortable, bold, and unique? Personal touch sometimes gets compromised when making multiple pieces and we sometimes get too focused on following a theme or following trends that do not necessarily reflect our customers needs. My second KV collection goes against the norm- there is love behind every piece!”

– Keji

To see more of the collection, please see the links below:

Much love,


MAC and KIKO Haul

So it was time to spend the MAC gift card that I was given about 5 months ago, I also popped into Kiko and found a few things, so here’s what I got:MAC Strobe Cream Hydrant Lumineux

Kiko nail lacquer in 66
MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette
Kiko Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick in 316 Vintage Rose
MAC Strobe Cream Hydrant Lumineux

When I saw this product I was instantly excited! The strobe cream is designed to highlight and add glow to the skin. The term strobe has been popular recently with the ‘strobing’ trend. Strobing is simply highlighting the face on the areas that you want to shine. I have applied it under my foundation and also I have tried mixing it with my foundation. I found that the strobe cream made my foundation look dewy and gives my skin a healthy glow. This product comes in two sizes, I bought the smaller size 30ml for £10.00. I love the finish of this product, it is definitely a new favourite of mine!

Kiko nail lacquer in 66

I spent my time in Kiko picking the perfect nail varnish to go with a particular dress that I was going to be wearing. I spent that long looking at all the colours that I felt as if the security guard thought I was up to something! I came across colour 66, and was pretty much sold as soon as I tested it, I bought this product for £3.90. It is a lovely colour and it has a nice shine too it.


MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette

I have known about this palette for a while and I have been admiring it from afar, so it was finally time to get my hands on it. What I like about this product is that not only are you concealing but also colour correcting. The palette is very versatile and comes with six shades. There are four different palettes, suitable for different skin shades. I bought this in Light for £35.00. I have really enjoyed using this, it definitely does the job, it is a keeper!



Kiko Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick

I was impressed with Kiko’s new matte lipstick collection and had a hard time choosing which to buy. I really loved how this product looked on the lips, which is why I was gutted when I left it on a bus! Sad times! The lipstick is matte but not drying at all and I found it very easy to apply. I really like the design of the packaging, particularly the magnet at the top of the tube which keeps the lipstick in place, (which is also fun to play with!) I particularly liked the shade Vintage Rose.