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Transitioning with Zara

We’re at the start of spring and the beginning of April, a time for a new season. Spring is so beautiful; I don’t see how anyone cannot appreciate spring. We are in the transition period, some days are still chilli enough for a scarf, other days a coat alone is better suited.

I picked up this coat from Zara, who are killing it right now! I also couldn’t resist getting one of their scarfs, because they are so big and cosy! This coat isn’t that thick either so this combination is great to have for this transition period!

Periods of transition in life always bring new challenges and change is never straight forward. I think when you are in a transition period in life whatever that may be, you have to be realistic with yourself. Don’t expect everything to be perfect straight away. Change is a process.

A lot of change is happening in my life right now, and very likely yours too, so we all know that it’s easy to become inpatient. When you are in the thick of it, you have to remind yourself that you will come out the other end.

Change requires you to do new things and new things will be difficult because you have not experienced them before, but with new experience comes knowledge and skills. Eventually you will come out the other end and you will have gained valuable skills and knowledge to assist you going forwards. Therefore although it is tricky, you know that it will be worth it. This is the one thing that I always try to remember.

When I am experiencing something new, I know at first it will be difficult but I look forward to the day when I have gained experience because of it and feel more confident and wiser as a person. If you avoid challenges then you will never grow. I even think that when we train ourselves to face challenges, the more we do this, the easier it gets to face new challenges!

I hope you are having a good week and I wish you well with any transitions and changes that you are currently going through!


A place called home

Goodbye little flat, you have been good to us. I am so glad I listened when we were choosing you.

Goodbye pretty blossom tree that greeted us when we first moved in. Goodbye living room that floods with the light shining through the blinds on a summers day. Little flat, you got to know us so well. You heard our arguments and our countless ‘I love you’s’. You got to witness endless amounts of cuddles.

We have made some amazing memories in you little flat. You will always be the place where we got engaged, making you a special place forever. You will always be the place we started making burritos Friday nights and as always continued to watch countless films.

You marked a new chapter for our life in a new place. You always made me feel safe little flat, even with the scurrying above, which we kept saying ‘is just the birds!’. You will always be a place where we supported each other through the highs and through the lows. x

Hello new home, we have great hopes for you. New home, we want you to be a place full of beautiful memories. You have a special role to play and we will do our best to take good care of you. New home, we pray for you to be a place of joy and a place full of love.

As you get to know us, you will start to reflect us. We will still have burritos on a Friday night, and we will continue to watch countless films, but we may also now have a BBQ on a sunny day.

New home, we want to achieve and realise dreams in you, one day at a time. New home, be good to us, we can’t wait to get to know you.


Black dresses

Black is my most worn colour, and therefore it’s fair to say that I have a few black dresses! Black tends to contrast well with my fair skin and goes with absolutely everything! I appreciate the simple design of this dress, it fits nicely and the length also adds elegance and that little bit of glamour. Black is brilliant because it is understated, it can be elegant, beautiful and sexy, black always looks great!

I want to take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this building is. This is Wollaton Hall, isn’t is so picturesque?! It has such a lovely park too and if you are lucky you will see the deers! Wollaton Hall is such a brilliant location for photographs, it’s funny because my mum use to model here when she was younger, and I would sometimes visit here as a child.

I would like to introduce you to the genius behind the lens. These photographs are by Ashok Suren, a midlands based photographer. He does wonderful work, including beautiful wedding photography, good to know if you are getting married soon! You can check out his work on his website.


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Ready for Spring with Shein

If you are anything like me, you will have been holding on for Summer all through the winter months. Well it’s nearly Spring now which makes me so pleased! I think this longing for warmer weather and brighter days is the reason that I tend to always navigate towards spring/summer clothes.

This lovely burgundy romper was sent to me by Shein. Looking through their site, I came across so many items that caught my eye. What I like about this playsuit is how fun it is that it cuts off as shorts but also has a full length skirt. The colours and patterns are so pretty!

Although I am a spring/summer lover, my complexion is not typical of summer. Your standard picture of a woman wearing summer clothes would consist of a lovely tanned lady but I have decided to embrace my complexion, as we should all. I also have sensitive skin, so fake tan often does not go down well!
It is a little frustrating that maxi dresses and long skirts are very rarely the right length for me, but happy days if there are some available in petite sections! Being quite petite, I am impressed that this playsuit isn’t too long, it is just the right length with these heels. I would say however it is a little large for me, which is why I have added a belt to try and bring it in a little more at the waist.

If you are looking to prepare your wardrobe for Spring, now is the time! I would definitely recommend having a look through the site as there are so many lovely items of clothing!

>Visit romper at Shein<


Save the Date – Wedding Inspiration

Last weekend was the Save the Date wedding event with a difference! An event that showcases some of the best wedding suppliers in the East Midlands, including but not limited to wedding dress boutiques, decorators, photographers, caterers, entertainment and brilliant cakeries!

I am currently at the beginning stages of planning my own wedding so this event was really useful event for me. I decided to take the opportunity to capture some of the wonderful exhibitions as I knew there would be so many pretty things to see, and I love all things wedding!

With so many options around and only a small budget, it made us realise that there has to be some agreement on priorities. There were so many beautiful things, it would be easy to get carried away! If you are married, I’d love to hear what were the most important things for you!

Save the Date is a brilliant opportunity to find out about local suppliers and I would definitely recommend the event for this reason. Save the Date magazine is renowned as the place to go for wedding inspiration in the East Midlands and now their event with a difference is a huge success! A fantastic place for wedding inspiration!

Save the Date


Karen Milen on Valentine’s

I find the world can be so overwhelming with all of its problems. Most of the problems we face will be dependent on where we live, who we are, what type of environment we were born into and how we deal with life. A person does not choose their initial circumstances, we simply just do our best do make them better and sometimes life throws curve balls that we could never have anticipated. We all have heartache and worries; I think we all really just need to come together.Valentines Day can be more than a money making opportunity for big businesses. It can be an opportunity to spread random acts of kindness and for us to consider the needs of the people around us. Could someone benefit from some support? What can we do this year to spread a little love? Can we make an effort with somebody who has been having a hard time? Could we arrange to do something with someone that has been feeling lonely? How can we show others how much we appreciate them? Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start but surely even little things can make a big difference?Building real relationships requires each of us to open up and be vulnerable again. And if we are then met with acceptance even with our insecurities and imperfections, this is when we are fully encouraged and in an environment that I believe is best for our personal growth. To feel that acceptance is a wonderful thing, and a necessary thing. We all need to feel loved, it is not good for us to be lonely. When we give this love and in return receive this type of love, amazing things can happen. xDress // Karen Millen