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Uncommon Goods and their wonderful gifts

Anyone that knows me well will know that I love buying people gifts! So when I find a cute website perfect for buying presents I am more than happy! When Uncommon Goods contacted me about their website I was impressed with the amount of occasions that they cover, from bridal showers to a new home, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries and even house parties! I just need someone I know to tell me some good news so that I have an excuse to shop!

Do you know what else is a breath of fresh air, the company are keen to have a positive impact by working with their suppliers to make their products in a more socially and environmentally friendly manner and they often feature products that contain recycled components. I also love that they take pride in the fact that they never sell products that contain leather, feathers or fur, they are committed to selling products that do not harm animals.

Baby shower gifts

Baby showers have become much more popular recently in the UK, and personally I think it’s a great thing! Every mother needs support and a baby shower is a lovely way to show that support and to celebrate the new baby! Also, who doesn’t love a reason to buy cute baby clothes!

Buying gifts for baby showers has got to be one of the cutest shopping experiences. Looking through their site, I immediately spotted the baby mermaid tail! Such an adorable idea, I would definitely match it with a headpiece! Each mermaid tail is delicately handmade which I think makes it extra special.

I had to mention the mustachifier! It is such a funny idea for a little baby boy, especially if his daddy rocks his facial hair in the same manner.



Wedding gifts

I love how meaningful wedding gifts can be, especially when they are personalised. Weddings are such a wonderful occasion, a day that will be cherish forever!

I think that’s why I like the personalised wedding waltz art! It resembles the married couples first dance together and I love how artistic and stylish it looks. What is great about this is that the artist will incorporate personal details, such as the venue of the wedding, the city and date, the couples names, skin and hair colour.

The wedding celebration dropbox is a lovely alternative or even an addition to the traditional guest book at a wedding. I think it would work brilliantly as a visual reminder of the big day! The idea is that the guests write their names and a message on a heart which is then placed in the frame. The heart map in the middle is also personalised to show the location of their wedding or another place that is considered special to them, the date of the wedding and names of the couple are also added. I love these little touches!


Bridesmaid Gifts

If you’re a bride looking to get your bridesmaids some fun presents, it is worth checking out their collection of bridesmaid gifts. The heart umbrella caught my eye straight away, I would use this myself regardless! I can imagine how perfect this would go with red bridesmaid dresses, and it would turn the possibility of rain on your wedding day into an opportunity!

The second item that I thought looked fun was the Ladies Night Truth or Dare. Now I am not much of a darer myself, but I can imagine this being lots of fun, especially for a hen do!


Matte Lip Kit by Makeup Revolution – Reign

I came across Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits by Makeup Revolution and the shade ‘Reign’ caught my eye. I really liked the look of this shade and was intrigued to find out what the quality of this product was like.

Liquid lipsticks have become quite popular in recent times, especially the matte shades. I haven’t yet tried a liquid lipstick from Makeup Revolution so I was excited to try it out. I have to say that I was impressed with this product, it has now become a new favourite of mine and I reckon this is quite a bargain for only £6.00.

This Matte Lip Kit comes with the matte lipstick and a matching lip pencil. The lipstick has a smooth application and stays well on the lips. The matte finish is nice and the colour shows up great. The lip pencil also matches the shade perfectly, so all round a great product. I would recommend Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits and I give this product a thumbs up!



Summer dress season

I am so happy it’s summer, my favourite time of year! It’s the perfect time for dresses! It doesn’t last very long in the UK so we have to make the most of the warm weather! If you occasionally enjoy going all out girly, then summer is the best time to do it! I also think adding sunglasses to any outfit always give it that something extra.

This is the Porcelain Print Fit and Flare dress by Shein, I fell in love with the pattern on this dress, it just looks so classy, pretty and expensive (even though it isn’t!) I am impressed as they also have quite a few other patterns to choose from which are also just as lovely! The shape of this dress makes it easy to either dress up with some high heels or it can be worn more casual with some lower shoes, but I always appreciate the extra height.

These are my favourite sunglasses from Prada, I got them a couple years a go and still love them to bits! I find that it’s all about the shape of the shades, you have to get shades that sit right and compliment your face shape, so I always spend time when trying on shades to ensure I find the perfect shape.

I do love a good dress! I’d love to hear where you have been finding some lovely dresses recently, let me know! x

Fit and Flare


Realistic positivity

I have been pretty inconsistent with my blogging recently but sometimes life just takes over. Do you ever feel like life is just so overwhelming? I want this blog to be a positive and encouraging place, but I think that involves being real about life and accepting that it isn’t always just a walk in the park.

I am quite a private person, although I love to blog, I don’t often go into detail with my personal life, well because that’s obviously personal, but we all go through things and we all struggle at times. Life is unpredictable and we can never know what it is going to throw our way. Sometime’s emotions can be overwhelming and exhausting and stress is not a good friend to have.

We all need people around for support and I think we need to remind ourselves that it’s okay to not have everything together all the time, I know I definitely need to. Even if you feel like you are expected to or if for any reason you do not feel that you are in a supportive environment. Your health is so important so do not be too hard on yourself because you are doing the best you can.

When you consider the people you come across everyday in the street, the people you see on your way to work and even your colleagues, you have no idea the things that are going on in their personal life. That’s why I always think, be kind to people because you have no idea what battles they are facing.

I question how can we make life better for each other and how can we better support each other? It’s great to have people say ‘I’ll pray for you.’ but we also need to offer practical help. It is so encouraging when you see people coming together and supporting one another and I have particularly seen this on the news in London this week. I just hope that these people will not be forgotten about and will continue to have support thrown their way.

We all need support, nobody can deny that. Sometimes we feel we have nothing to offer, sometimes we feel exhausted ourselves and it’s not easy to deal with everything, but even the little things can make a difference. The world is so much easier when we come together. x


Freedom Lipstick – Vamp Noir Collection

I recently came across Freedom lipsticks when I was looking for a vampy dark lipstick on a budget. When I saw the Vamp Noir Lipstick collection by Freedom it felt like the perfect opportunity to try out Freedom Lipstick. In each pack is a variety of 5 lipsticks and this if for a total of only £5.00. I also decided to get the Naked Mattes collection!

Lipsticks included in the Vamp Noir collection are:

Pure Vamp, Vamp Noir, Dusk Till Dawn, Dark Paradise, Intense Noir

Freedom lipsticks are a great way of getting a nice selection of lipsticks, I would say £1 per lipstick is quite reasonable. I would however remind you that as you are paying less, not to expect the same pro quality as say a MAC lipstick, which are usually around £14.00 each. Freedom lipsticks are not what I would say high quality, but they are reasonably priced and great for a little fun and variety.

This particular collection is definitely glossy. My recommendation with Freedom lipstick is to take your time to apply the lipstick well and if applied well they can look great! My favourite lipstick from this collection is Intense Noir, this is the darkest lipstick. I also really like the Pure Vamp lipstick because I always love a red lipstick!

I also think that they have a really good variety of lipstick collections which is great if there is a particular look that you are going for. I purchased the Vamp Noir collection from Superdrug. Have you tried any of the Freedom collections? It would be interesting to hear how you feel about them? Would you purchase them again?


Are you proud of your blog?

Hi lovelies,
I wonder have you ever experienced any negativity towards the fact that you blog? I want to chat about some of the flack that bloggers can experience and how you can deal with this. Do you think there are negative connotations relating to the title ‘beauty blogger’ or ‘fashion blogger’? It would be great to hear your thoughts on this, but for now I just want to encourage all my fellow bloggers out there, so this post is for you!

For me, blogging is a great creative outlet. It’s a place where I get to voice my thoughts, say what I want to say and have some fun combining some of my interests. Not only that but it is a great way to connect with other bloggers. Yes, there are a lot of bloggers out there, but there is only one of each of us! We are all unique and therefore we all have something unique to share.

If you have an interest in beauty, makeup or fashion, common sense would tell you that this doesn’t automatically make you a vain, judgemental or a self centred person, it just means that these things interests you. From a bloggers perspective, I have found that often beauty and fashion bloggers can be so open and encouraging to others, sharing from their own personal experiences in relation to confidence and self esteem.

I love seeing women feel confident in their own skin, it’s infectious and beautiful! So I encourage you to be proud of who you are and what you post. It takes confidence to put your thoughts out there. It’s ironic because the confident woman isn’t judging anybody, she feels comfortable in her own skin, and therefore is able to encourage others to do the same.

So keep posting beauties, and please leave your links below so that I can check out your wonderful posts! x