A place called home

Goodbye little flat, you have been good to us. I am so glad I listened when we were choosing you.

Goodbye pretty blossom tree that greeted us when we first moved in. Goodbye living room that floods with the light shining through the blinds on a summers day. Little flat, you got to know us so well. You heard our arguments and our countless ‘I love you’s’. You got to witness endless amounts of cuddles.

We have made some amazing memories in you little flat. You will always be the place where we got engaged, making you a special place forever. You will always be the place we started making burritos Friday nights and as always continued to watch countless films.

You marked a new chapter for our life in a new place. You always made me feel safe little flat, even with the scurrying above, which we kept saying ‘is just the birds!’. You will always be a place where we supported each other through the highs and through the lows. x

Hello new home, we have great hopes for you. New home, we want you to be a place full of beautiful memories. You have a special role to play and we will do our best to take good care of you. New home, we pray for you to be a place of joy and a place full of love.

As you get to know us, you will start to reflect us. We will still have burritos on a Friday night, and we will continue to watch countless films, but we may also now have a BBQ on a sunny day.

New home, we want to achieve and realise dreams in you, one day at a time. New home, be good to us, we can’t wait to get to know you.



  1. March 31, 2017 / 1:15 pm

    Hope all goes well with your new home even though it was difficult to say goodbye to your old one.
    Have a lovely weekend 🙂
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

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